Pastel Wonderland - Colette & Lola
Pastel Wonderland - Colette & Lola
Rp 462.000

Pastel Wonderland

Feel like going into the ride full of Christmas spirit, a nice aroma of ginger cookies and chocolate? Then make sure you do not miss this Pastel Wo...

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Rp 462.000

A Colette & Lola Christmas – Welcome to our Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland Collection by Colette & Lola is a creative re- imagination of the childlike wonderment that the spirit of Christmas brings.
Here, you will find an assortment of delectable offerings including luxurious hampers filled with carefully curated & handcrafted delights, along with themed Christmas cakes that make a truly scrumptious and festive centerpiece.

Whether you are treating a loved one to these stunning Christmas selections or just treating yourself, choose Colette & Lola for some truly unique and personal Christmas gifts this year.

Download our Christmas e-catalog here

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