Same Day Delivery (refresh)

Same Day Delivery (refresh)

Indulge in a delightful array of cakes with our Same Day Delivery Cake Collection. From birthday cakes to kid's birthday cakes and anniversary cakes, each cake is crafted with care and creativity. Whether you're celebrating a special milestone or surprising a loved one, our freshly baked cakes are sure to bring joy and sweetness to any occasion. Choose from a variety of flavors and designs, and let the magic of our cakes make your celebrations even more memorable.
Easter Rainbow Cake Pinata

Seasonal Cakes and Gift Hampers from Colette & Lola

Every season we make an effort to prepare something special for our customers. We help you celebrate Lebaran, Chinese New Year, Halloween and Christmas & New Years. Our speciality gift hampers are filled with gourmet artisanal cookies, and specially decorated cakes to make your seasonal moments and gift giving more meaningful.

Come back to view our special seasonal product offerings and order online. We are happy to deliver for you.

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Signature Cakes

Signature Cakes

The Colette & Lola signature cakes are what we are known for! They stand the test of time and some of them have existed since we first opened in 2013. Our signature cakes are often used for birthday celebrations as well as anniversaries, baby showers and office parties. Choose from some of our best selling signature cakes: Ovomilo cake, Rainbow Cake. If you want to make a statement with your cake then choose our Colette & Lola Signature Collection.

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Lola’s Apple Pie - Individual


If cakes are not your thing, try our mouth-watering Tartlets series for your all occasion.
Chocolate Amber - Colette & Lola

The Party Cake Collection

Our Party Birthday Cake Collection are decorative cakes that are a great addition to any celebratory occasion. They are suitable for adults and children. Choose from our Mango Magic Cake, Chocolate Amber Cake, Banana Split cake, The Rainbow Pinata cake and our Lady Grey. We can deliver to you in the Jakarta area. Our Next Day Delivery service can deliver 7 days a week.